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1 unusual holiday season survival tip

Here is a mind trick that you may not have tried before that could be
the difference in whether the holidays get the best of you – or you get the best of them!

I have shared this thought process with my clients for years and the joy & confidence they express as they return to training after the holidays is OVERWHELMING.

Ditch The Guilt !!!

One thing you might be doing during the holidays when faced with all those
scrumptious desserts and those big delicious meals is burdening yourself
with immense guilt!

Even if you fall completely off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up.

Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for all the positive things you have done – chances
are you have already done more exercise and eaten healthier than the majority of other people.

Just get right back to it without missing another beat and don’t get caught thinking ‘you might as
well give up because you have already messed up!’

If you threw in the towel every time you didn’t score 100% on eating healthy, most people would never
get through more than a few days on any lifestyle makeover program.

You’re only human.

Just because you mess up once or twice doesn’t mean you should quit!

Don’t let one small slip keep you from achieving great things.

You have two choices:

Either go ahead and wholeheartedly indulge without a plan or a care in the world. And accept the
fact that it may take you a few months of hard intense workouts and strict dieting(YCK !!) to get you back
to your original pre-holiday weight.


Do a little bit of meal planning(understanding portions of those treats) and training pre-planning for the holidays so you can take full
advantage of all those tasty foods you used to deprive yourself of and come out of
the holidays with the same waistline you entered the holiday season with.

I hope you choose the latter &

I’m here to help you just call or write.

After all, the only thing that should get bigger is the smile on your face from
all the additional pounds you just avoided :)

What’s the point of eating your favourite foods only to suffer extreme guilt because you indulged?

It’s not worth it at all!

So, I say ditch that guilt by having a proper plan…

After all, the holidays are about relaxing and sharing great food
and drinks together with your loved ones.

My clients used to dread Christmas time for fear of weight gain, but now that they know how to go about it, they enjoy it to the max. Santa’s not the only one getting treats this year Woo Hoo !!!

Dream, Believe Achieve

Have “FIT”, Happy & Guilt Free Holiday season



Author: Russ Logisse

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