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A couple of days ago many of my friends, colleagues and clients
in the US celebrated their Independence Day. Being a
a Canadian, you may ask what’s the big deal with their
July 4th holiday. Was it just an excuse to take the day
off from work and shoot off a bunch of fireworks? (kidding)

Here’s what really happened…not that you don’t already know but humor me…

On July 4th, 1776 the United States declared their
independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. 
The U.S. stood up and said they were refusing to
stay dependent… dependent on a government, laws, and
treatment they felt was less than ideal.

Talk about a self-empowering statement!

So it got me thinking… why does the U.S. get to be
the only one who calls July 4th their “independence day”?

Why couldn’t every man or woman who was tired and unhappy with
a less than ideal body do the same thing?

Why couldn’t every man or woman make their own stand and
declare their own “ideal body” independence… even if
they’re not an American!

The first step is to decide that it’s time to take action!

Start by writing down your goals… and here is one of
my best pieces of advice.

***I strongly advise you NOT TO DO what everyone else does
and make your goal a number of pounds or kilos to lose
in a certain time.***

That’s right – please read that statement again because
it could well be the reason you have not yet achieved
your ideal body.

That’s because there will always be ebbs and flows in
your body weight, even when you are making positive

And that can really damage your motivation and commitment
levels if you are adamant that success is only reached if
you lose a certain amount of weight every week.

Some weeks you may not show any weight loss on the scale,
but you may have still lost cm’s or inches!

So my best advice is make BEHAVIOURAL goals. Ones that will
ultimately lead to your desired weight loss and especially body
composition improvement.

For example:

1. I will get up at 6am every week morning to perform my training session
2. I will drink 3 litres of water every day
3. I will stick to my balanced meal plan and not pick at food in between meals

You get the picture…

I’ll leave you with some self reflection and healthy
diet and exercise affirmations.

I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.

I remain active and fit because I am dedicated to me.

Being dedicated and committed to my health assures me
that I will remain healthy and active throughout my life.

I appreciate and enjoy the conviction to eat healthy
foods and exercise my body and mind. I also make sure
I relax and de-stress. These are all measures I take
to ensure I stay active, healthy and happy.

I have a set schedule that includes an exercise regimen
and proper foods to give me plenty of energy. I feel
stronger when I exercise and I feel better when I have
a balance of nutrients in my body. I enjoy feeling good
and I deserve to be healthy.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to go to the gym when
I really would rather stay home, but I let go of these
feelings because I am committed to myself. It is through
this commitment that I ensure a better me.

Today I choose to remain committed to myself and to my
regimen of exercise and nutrition. I let go of the urge
to skip my schedule. I let go of my urge to eat unhealthy
foods. When I dedicate myself to my commitments, I know
that I will enjoy a healthy and active body for a long time.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Have I allowed negative thinking to get in the way of my commitment?
  • Have I dedicated myself to daily exercise?
  • Am I committed to eating healthy foods?

Until next time…

Dream, Believe, Achieve and have a “FIT” day !

Author: Russ Logisse

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