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Do NOT make a New Year’s resolution. At least, not if you want to
get the body and enjoy the health you deserve in 2012.

“But aren’t New Year’s Resolutions a tradition, a time-tested

Yeah. Of failure.

Sure, you’re filled with good intentions on January 1st. But by the
time March rolls around your resolution has long since faded into
the realm of wishful thinking. In fact, 90% of New Year’s
resolutions die before the end of March.

It’s because they don’t have any teeth. There’s nothing to back
them up. So they have to rely 100% on your willpower. And that’s a
tall order.

If you really want to make a change in 2012, don’t make a
resolution. MAKE A PLAN !

First, choose your goal. Make it specific. Write it down. And if
you want to increase your chances of success even more, share it
with like-minded people who’ll support your efforts.

Then work backwards from your specific goal to figure out the
milestones you’ll have to hit. For example, if you want “abs” for
your summer vacation in 2012, you might target dropping 10 lbs of fat
in the first 4 months of the year and 5 more pounds in the final
two months. It’s probably going to come off more easily at first,
so you’ll take that into account and plan for it.

What next?

You have to break it down again. What has to happen in the first
two months? Or in just the first month?

Once you’ve got milestones, you can start making plans. That’s when
you figure out the most important actions you’ll have to take in
the next month to achieve your first milestone.

Shedding 10 lbs in the next 4 months may mean dropping 4-5 lbs in
your first month. To make that happen, narrow in on a few key
actions. For example, you might decide to reduce your white sugar
and flour intake by half in the first week. Drop it by half again
in the second week. And then eliminate it completely in the third
and fourth weeks.

You might also decide to add fresh veggies to every meal. And
promise yourself that you’ll never miss more than one scheduled
workout per week.

NOW you’ve got some manageable actions to take! See how much more
powerful that is than just saying “I’m gonna have six pack abs this

Since I launched FUZION Formula Fitness 12 short months ago, I’ve helped
dozens of people make that same Body & Lifestyle Redesign journey. I did it by
taking all those little daily steps and making them incredibly easy
to follow.

I am available to my clients every single day to show you exactly what diet
and lifestyle actions are going to get you to your goal most quickly.

And since this is the time of year when people are typically ready
to turn over a new leaf, I want to help as many of you succeed as
possible. I don’t believe in the power of resolutions, but I DO
believe in the power of daily actions.

So for this week, in honor of the New Year, and the 1 year anniversary of the new
FIT with “FUSS” studio I am offering you the opportunity to get
a full month of classes in the FUZION formula Fitness system for HALF PRICE.

==> Half-Price on the New Year REVOLTION 4 week kick start program

NOW is the time to take action. The start of a new year is a
natural time to take stock of where you are and CREATE an exciting
new future for yourself. Having a body you’re proud of and building
the health and energy you need to live life to its fullest is an
important part of that change.

So please take advantage of this half-price opportunity and join me
today in the FUZION Family. Once you’re on the inside, you’ll understand why my FUZION clients insist there’s nothing else like it.

With the powerful FUZION Formula Fitness system in your corner — and the
incredible support of our community — you’ll be primed to make 2012
the year you redesigned your body and your health for good.

==> Check out the New Year REVOLUTION program here

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Contact me to enroll since there will be limited space available

Author: Russ Logisse

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