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Drop TEN pounds in SEVEN days (step-by-step what to do)‏

feet on scaleChances are, if you’re like most people you don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to dropping flab…and why should you, when you can achieve it quickly with the right approach.

Just REMEMBER you have to stay with these tips if you intend on KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF !! This 1 week blitz is only the START of your journey to better Health & Wellness.

Losing FLAB and keeping it off is a LIFESTYLE MAKEOVER…..Every CLIENT of mine is reminded of this CONSTANTLY ! You will need a plan/program to follow that is ongoing and designed FOR YOU to achieve true permanent success.

With that in mind, is it really possible to drop 10 lbs in just 7 days?
Of course it is, especially IF you have a fair amount of weight to lose…just follow these simple steps:

Women_pinching_love_handles1. Ditch all the “white stuff.” White breads, sugars, potatoes, cereals and even rice. (Exception: Cauliflower. It’s a great choice.) These foods quickly convert to stored body fat.

2. Get to work. If you want to experience RAPID fat loss then you have to be willing to move that body. I’m talking truly intense exercise (if you’re not sweating, you might as well just stop wasting your time). Fortunately, if you keep it intense, it doesn’t have to be long…but some work IS required (go figure!). Try a program like FUZION Formula Fitness to help you get started and to coach you on how to maintain your fat loss.

3. Confuse your calories. If you just eat carrot sticks all day you’re going to end up shutting down your fat-burning hormones and slowing down your metabolism; you’ll gain weight in the long run. The trick is to “trick” your fat burning hormones by eating different amounts of calories each day. (And some days you need to eat a LOT more calories than others.) I have many different ways of helping you accomplish this process, each one can be PERSONALIZED to ensure you can stay with your eating regimen permanently, so please call or write for help.

4. Up your protein. Many people are eating too many carbs and not enough protein (like cottage cheese, beef, chicken, turkey, and my favorite — protein milkshakes :). Perhaps the coolest thing about protein is when you eat it, your body will use up to 30% of its calories just to digest it. That means 1000 calories of protein really equals about 700 calories. That’s 300 free calories!

5. More fiber please. Many North Americans have a digestive track that is loaded with “toxic waste.” The reason is they aren’t eating enough fiber (at least 30 grams a day) especially from sources like beans, vegetables and certain fruits. Up your fiber and you will rid your body of pounds of waste.

6. Drink like a fish. Drinking water causes you to retain water and feel bloated right? WRONG! Drinking the right amount of water helps your body burn fat and release excess water weight. Take your body weight and divide it by two. That’s how many ounces you should get each day.

Put these six simple strategies to use and you’ll be well on your way to shedding some serious flab this week.

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Have a “FIT” day


Author: Russ Logisse

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