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The Best Protein Supplement For Weight Loss

The Best Protein Supplement For Weight Loss


There is a pretty simple formula that will help you to lose weight.

It’s calories in versus calories out!

Sounds pretty simple, right?

If it is so simple, why is there such a struggle with being overweight or obese?

Could it be poor diet choices and lack of exercise?

Or is it a Lack of nutrition IQ?

And that may not be all that’s preventing you from fitting into your skinny jeans.

Your body is a fascinating machine, and it changes as you change.

You gain a few extra pounds and your cells start to change.

You don’t exercise, which may preserve lean mass, and you may not eat enough.  Your body starts to EAT the exact tissue that keeps your metabolism firing.

You may have tried one or more fad diets.

You may see dramatic results.

Then you stop, and your weight creeps back up.

So what can you do?

There is one nutrient that YOU need to have in your diet NO MATTER what kind of diet you are on.

It is not new on the market, but it is something YOU might have heard about.

And it may be VERY EFFECTIVE at losing weight and BODY FAT.

This amazing nutrient is whey protein.

All About Whey

Whey protein is a clear liquid which is present after milk is processed.

It is then processed and filtered.

This creates a PERFECT protein and one free from ash, lactose, and water.

It is also full of essential amino acids, which are perfect for muscle building.

Many supplement companies incorporate whey into their products because it is easily digestible by your body.

This creates more amino acids for you to use.

This may help you recover and grow even MORE muscle tissue.

And whey protein may be great for MASSIVE weight loss and strength gains.

And ladies, no need to be worried when you hear strength gains!

Whey protein may help you SHED UNWANTED FAT!

Whey Protein And Weight Loss

Whey protein may be a very effective nutrient for weight loss.

Whey protein may increase satiety and diet-induced thermogenesis.

Satiety may satisfy you, helping you to

And it BURNS CALORIES just by digesting it!

And this may reduce hunger cravings and may leave you feeling FULL.

Not only does it help reduce your energy intake, but is also SPARES the loss of lean mass.

Whey protein spares your muscle tissue

Whey protein may also enhance glycemic control.

This means whey protein may lower your blood sugar.

The decrease may be a result of increased protein intake and lower carbohydrate intake.

Whey and Blood Sugar

A high-protein diet and lower carbohydrates may be effective at lowering blood sugar.

In fact, whey protein may be effective at lowering plasma insulin concentrations by as much as 40%!

Lower plasma insulin levels may result in
INCREASED sensitivity to insulin

Whey and Glucose Sparing

Whey protein has essential amino acids which may keep and increase lean mass on your body.

Having adequate protein intake may promote muscle synthesis due to increased amino acid concentration.

Especially the amino acid, Leucine!

Leucine may be linked to increased muscle growth and a modulator in insulin signaling.

Alanine is another special amino acid found in whey.

Alanine may also spare glucose by stimulating a special system between your muscle and liver.

The glucose-alanine cycle, is a specialized system where your body uses the amino acid alanine, breaks it down, and enters into the blood stream.

Once in your bloodstream, it makes its way to the liver to be processed.

Once in your liver, alanine is broken down into pyruvate and used in gluconeogenesis.

Gluconeogenesis is the process of making glucose
out of byproducts, such as pyruvate

When the new glucose molecule is ready, it enters the bloodstream and makes its way back to your muscles.

This process spares glucose already stored in your muscles.

Whey and Body Fat

A diet rich in whey protein may also help you shed unwanted fat.

Mice, fed a diet of whey protein, showed lower subcutaneous fat, or fat located directly under the skin.

And it showed a reduction in VISCERAL fat which is fat found deep in your body, mainly around your organs.

Visceral fat may be linked to increased risk of developing
heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases

Whey protein may also be more effective at reducing body weight and future weight gain.

Hor-Whey for weight loss

Whey is a nutritional component found in milk, and may be very effective at reducing weight and body fat levels.

It may also be beneficial in reducing blood glucose levels and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Whey may also increase thermogenesis and satiety immediately after a meal.

But whey alone will not do the job.

A proper diet that incorporates fruits, vegetables, fiber and essential fats, in combination with whey or other protein sources, may help you lose weight and keep it off.

So enjoy a nice tasty pre-workout, post-workout, or meal replacement drink with plenty of whey protein may shed unwanted FAT stores and give you a flat and trim body for years to come.

Author: Russ Logisse

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