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Body & Life Potential (is this the wrong place to focus ?)

I share this insight with you today.

Seize the day OR enjoy what you have?

Both, and here’s how — build a sense of accomplishment
from everything you do.  Look at your achievements as
acts of self-development, and be satisfied with yourself
independent of achievement.

Sure, chase potential — it’s fun, and it keeps life

But don’t fall victim to ‘future wishing’ your life away;
enjoy now for all that it is, and make the most of right
now, because it only happens once.

Your health is a product of today, over and over again.
Be satisfied with your actions today, and choose to make
today follow the path towards greatest health.  Your habit
is only 2 weeks away, and solidified in 6.

Improve the quality of your life by feeling your best, making
an impact, and helping others — do this through improving
your health first — it leads to the happiest life ever.  Show
others, through your example, that life is amazing — there’s
so much you can do with one life — and one life can affect
so many others.  

Don’t just focus on ‘body’ or ‘life’ potential — own it, believe
it with everything you have, and break it into day-size chunks.
One day at a time, live the best day ever.  Do this with your
health, with your family, with your career, your mood, and
your education.

I say these words to you from the bottom of my heart — your
potential is so great — make use of your life and live every
day with more energy for greatness.

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Have a “FIT” day



Author: Russ Logisse

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