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Scientists Have Uncovered Strange NEW Benefit Of Exercise

Around this time each year, you probably try to avoid coming in contact with someone who has a cold or the flu.

You take all the precautions necessary: washing your hands, using antiseptic lotions, or avoiding crowds and ANYONE you think may have a cold.

This time of year, the sale of over-the-counter cough medication goes through the roof.


People are trying to get ahead of the cold, or prevent the possibility of catching a cold.

But did you know, there are TWO ways that may prevent the cold and flu from ruining your life?

A recent study has shown that probiotics may DECREASE the severity of a cold, and may even shorten how long you have a cold.

However, the next way is not commonly thought of as a way to BOOST your immune system and fight off the cold and flu.

Or even prevent a COLD in the first place…

The way: EXERCISE!

Exercise and Cold Prevention PAY ATTENTION TO THIS FOLKS !!

Normally, you would associate exercising with developing a lean, tone body, or strengthening your heart and lungs.

However, a recent study with postmenopausal women shows that exercise may PREVENT colds from occurring.

Here is what they found:

This study showed that postmenopausal women, who engaged in moderate intensity exercise, at least five days per week, were LESS LIKELY to develop an upper respiratory infection.

Better known as your common cold!

They compared moderate-intensity exercise to a once-a-week stretching program.

Now here is where it gets INTERESTING!

The stretching group, after only three months, showed a THREEFOLD increase in their risk for developing a cold when compared to the exercise group.

THREEFOLD increase, now that’s pretty significant!

They concluded:

“This study suggests that 1 year of moderate-intensity exercise training can reduce the incidence of colds among postmenopausal women.”

Exercise and Your Health

Exercise, which has been shown to improve your muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular system, may now have an ALL-NEW benefit that fitness professionals can preach about!

Most people who engage in exercise, do it to better their overall health, the health of their heart, and the health of their bones and joints.

But now, if you want to reduce your risk for developing a cold, especially during cold and flu season, then your best bet may be to include moderate intensity exercise to your routine.

Although this study showed that 12 MONTHS of moderate-intensity exercise reduced the participant’s risk, it may not be a bad idea to start NOW, which may improve your health and could also reduce your risk for developing a cold, especially during this nasty cold and flu season.

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step….what are you waiting for ? DO YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH & WELLNESS ?

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Have a “FIT” day,


Author: Russ Logisse

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