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A quick grain-free fat-burning breakfast (takes 4 minutes to make)

One of the biggest excuses I hear from people as to why they fail to eat a healthy breakfast that supports a fat-burning metabolism is that they “don’t have time” to make a breakfast like that and instead they end up resorting to blood sugar skyrocketing cereals, muffins, and bagels simply because those are quick.

As you know, these grain-based high carb breakfasts are the WORST thing you can eat if you want to lose fat.  They spike blood sugar and insulin, crashing energy levels, and causing cravings and increased appetite by mid morning.  But a good egg or protein based breakfast has been proven in studies to help people maintain less body fat, stable blood sugar levels, and balanced hormones when compared to carb-based breakfasts.

But what about the excuse about “not having time” to make an egg breakfast?

Well, it’s FALSE!  I’ve proven this myself… recently, I was late for a meeting in the morning and had to make a really quick breakfast.  I knew I wanted some eggs to satisfy my appetite until the afternoon, but didn’t have time to make a full blown scrambled eggs and veggies breakfast. 

My 4-minute fat-burning breakfast:

So what I did was simply fry up 3 really quick eggs over easy(scramled will work too) and threw some seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder & hot sauce on top.

Then I cut up a small avocado on the side, a great source of fiber and healthy fats.  And I also added a couple big forkfuls of Kimchi (delicious fermented Korean style veggies, and a great source of gut healthy probiotics).

It’s such a simple and delicious breakfast and literally only took 4 minutes to make!  It keeps blood sugar low and stable, gives your body loads of important nutrients, and keeps your appetite under control for hours and hours.  

If you want to lose body fat faster, this type of breakfast will help you get lean, whereas a normal cereal, muffin, or bagel breakfast only contributes to body fat and out of control blood sugar cycles.

Combine healthy eating habits with quality workouts like my FUZION Formula Fitness Small Group Personalized Training Program and you can reach your Health & Wellness goals faster than you thought possible.

Try this breaky this week and get started on getting lean and toned. If you have any ideas to compliment this meal leave a comment.


Have a “FIT” day


Author: Russ Logisse

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