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Five reasons to eat heart-healthy concord grapes

Five Reasons to eat heart-healthy concord grapes
By Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.

Dark purple concord grapes are rich in antioxidants and can help you keep your immune system healthy heading into cold and flu season

Remember peanut butter and grape-jelly sandwiches? As much as the kid in you loves grapes for being delicious, the adult in you should love what they do for your health. Concord grapes actually have the power to keep us youthful because they contain high concentrations of antioxidants that protect our skin, brain and heart from inflammation and aging.

It’s funny that we joke that having someone peel our grapes for us is a luxury, because the healthiest part of the grape is the skin, which is packed with not one but 19 different types of health-supporting nutrients.

Here are five big reasons to enjoy concord grapes, in season right now:

1. Decrease blood pressure with concord grapes: Concord grapes contain many flavonoids, including resveratrol, which can help decrease blood pressure by improving the fluidity of the blood. Resveratrol also relaxes the arterial walls to allow adequate circulation and decrease the pressure in the arteries.

2. Concord grapes are anti-inflammatory: Concord grapes contain a variety of polyphenols that can reduce the inflammatory response in the body. These grapes also have the antioxidant ability to mop up free radicals in the body and keep you looking younger, longer.

3. Eat grapes to stay sharp: Many degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, begin with the accumulation of certain proteins and foreign bodies in the brain. Concord grapes have been shown to prevent the accumulation of these potentially harmful substances. This helps keep your brain sharp and your nervous system healthy.

4. Boost your immunity with concord grapes: Concord grapes have been shown to increase the production of the cells in our body that fight off disease and foreign invaders. Boosting these natural killer cells and T-cells will keep your immune system in tip-top shape during the upcoming cold and flu season.

5. Concord grapes maintain healthy breast tissue: Concord grapes contain resveratrol, which protects the DNA in our cells against mutations that occur. Studies show that resveratrol is specifically beneficial in protecting breast tissue from the mutations that can take place in certain breast cancers.

I hope this encourages you to expore the benefite of healthy options in your day to day eating habits.

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a quick note about Julie
Nutritionist Julie Daniluk hosts Healthy Gourmet, a reality cooking show that looks at the ongoing battle between taste and nutrition. Her soon-to-be-published first book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, advises on allergy-free foods that both taste great and assist the body in the healing process.

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