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5 Tips To Combat Your Food Indulgences

Do you have a trigger food? Check out his great article written by Valerie Berkowitz that discusses how to combat some of these, not so healthy indulgences….

Are you a person who can say “no” to your favorite foods or are there some foods you just cannot resist? Many of us have certain triggers. They include foods such as salty snacks, chocolate and alcoholic beverages!

Consider all trigger foods as a disruption to your diet, but what triggers your eating them is different for everyone. Social cues, emotional highs and lows, taste and even economics are just a few ways triggers can cause you to lose control of what you eat. Food is not a crutch for happiness or any emotion. Avoid triggers for a given amount of time and then reintroduce the food at a later point when these triggers are gone.
The good news is that it is possible to feel in control of a trigger and once you can overcome the trigger, you can eat these foods again. It is also possible that what triggers you to eat too much now may not trigger the same reaction once you can identify and gain control of your eating.
There are many ways to control triggered eating.
Here are just a few:
1. Do not buy the food. Keep your distance.

2. Mind and attitude go hand-in-hand. Your mental attitude towards eating a small amount and feeling good versus punishing yourself for having a little bit of what may not exactly be on your plan can make or break whether you achieve your goal.
3. Find comfort by enriching your life with things other than food.
4. Keep tabs on your hunger and cravings and do not eat a possible trigger food if you have not had a full meal first.

5. When you are eating outside your home, if there are foods that you may want to eat but are not on your plan, pick one. You do not have to sabotage your whole diet on one meal.

Hope these tips keep you ENCOURAGED in your journey to improving your Health & Welleness,
Have a “FIT” day

Author: Russ Logisse

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